Purpose of the BoulderContactImprov list:

To inform about Contact Improv jams, classes, and events;  To bring us together, on and off the dance floor;  To nurture our community.

These are the rules:

Rule #1-  Clear subject lines
Rule #2-  Clear subject lines
Rule #3-  Clear subject lines

Overwhelmingly, our biggest problems occur when the subject line is not clear, people open the message, and then feel that it was not appropriate for this list. Please be clear, and give your hundreds of recipients the choice.

These are the guidelines:

SIGN YOUR NAME-  We are a small and close community.  We like to know who is speaking to us.

HOUSING-  This has been discussed.  The consensus was clear.  If you are the one offering or seeking, yes.  Posting on behalf of a friend, no.  Visiting dancers needing a place, yes.  Housesitting - same comments.

YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE-  No.  Most of us have something to offer, and there is not inbox space for it all.  And there is sensitivity to ‘advertising’.

CLASSES & PERFORMANCES- Your own, yes.  The class that changed your life, and you really want to share it, no.  Otherwise, the more that they are related to Contact Improv, the more appropriate they are.


WONDERFUL VIDEOS- Especially no, unless it is unmistakably related to Contact Improv. Cool, cute, inspiring, wonderful videos have been our biggest source of complaints.

SEEKING COMPANIONS-  hike/lunch/movie/carpool/etc - yes, this is about community.

An important distinction:

WONDERFUL THINGS TO SHARE- (Telling us about things that you think are great) No. Please. No.  We are an amazing group of people, with rich and delicious lives.  And there is just not inbox space to put it here.

COMMUNITY BUILDING EVENTS-  (Things for us to do together)  Parties, the Boulder Freeze, carpool to Burning Man, bike rides after Sunday Lab – yes! yes! yes! – these are what the list is for.

Soft community enforcement:

If you feel that a post is not appropriate, please tell the sender.  Privately and gently.  If you copy the moderator (bruce(at)palecat(dot)com) he will be more aware of the evolving community consensus. If you prefer to give feedback anonymously, it can be done through the moderator.

Above all, know  these things:

As of early 2015, there are nearly 500 of us, and there is not inbox space for all that we have in our lives to share.  We are a herd of very diverse cats, united only by this wonderful form that we practice, into a supportive community of beloveds, with respect for each other’s inboxes.  Interpreting the guidelines for ourselves, noting the rules.